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Session #23

Present for this session were Aeoth, Valian, Vanilla Gold, and Fradd. As has become the norm (I think this is a feature of the real-time/downtime D&D campaign), this session began with the players trying to decide what to do. In a recent session, the players made a wager with Dawn Age Pervert (a "patron"--my term for NPCs who's downtime is being managed by someone other than me).  The terms of this wager were fairly simple.  If the PCs kill a mindflayer before DAP, the PCs get ownership of Skullport.  If DAP kills the mindflayer before the PCs, DAP gets possession of Barrelriders (the player owned tavern/ home-base).  The problem is that this mindflayer has eluded both the PCs and DAP, and is hiding somewhere on the Astral Plane.  I think the players briefly considered following up on this lead, but they had another hook closer to Waterdeep they also wanted to pursue first--finding and killing the Baron of Blood.  Last week they delved a bit into the Baron of Blood

Session #22

Tonight's session featured the "A-Team," Aeoth the Paladin, Valian the Rogue, and Fradd the Rogue--who just returned to Waterdeep (in-game time) after a very successful planar excursion in Sigil, and the Outlands.  The session began with just Aeoth and Valian--Fradd's player joined a bit later in the session. Before leaving Waterdeep in last week's session to go meet with Lord Neverember, Forwyn left a note asking the A-Team to go and hunt down the mind-flayer for DAP.  The players decided to follow up on this lead.  In the past session, the B-Team had hired a private investigator to track down the Mind Flayer's current location--and he told them the Mind Flayer had holed up in Skullport.  However, the A-Team didn't know much about Skullport or how to get there, aside from some general information which the B-team received from the private investigator they hired last week. Rather than just charging blindly in, the players decided to first touch base with

Session #21

The main team (Aeoth, Valian and Fradd) were still in time dilation from last week's excursion into the outer planes. One of the regular players (Fradd) didn't want to roll-up a backup, and told me that he would be taking a break until his main character was available to play again.  Another regular player (Valian) was delayed eating out with co-workers  So this week, we started off the session with just two PCs--Aeoth's backup (Forwyn, elvish fighter), and a new player.  The new player, who plays the Barbarian Broll in BDubs' campaign, was playing Vanilla Gold, a human rogue. Like most sessions in the campaign, we started off in Barrelriders--a tavern owned by some of the PCs.  I let Vanilla Gold introduce his character very briefly.  And then a knight burst into the tavern. A few weeks ago, I determined there was a chance Lord Neverember (who originally hid the 500,000 gp treasure--and used the Stone of Golor as his "treasure map") would reach out to the pla

Session Report # 1

Session #1: Three adventurers descended into Undermountain on the 22nd of Nightal, 1492 DR (the year of three ships sailing). The party explored the first few chambers of Undermountain, forced a goblin they encountered to set off a magical trap which killed the goblin (Groin)  The party then freed the other goblin (Pibble), who they captured and proceeded into a set of chambers where the goblins told them there was a vampire nest.  The supposed group of vampires, calling themselves "the undertakers" curbstomped the party.  After taking down two of the party members, the undertakers offered to allow the barbarian to join their group.  However the barbarian refused, and was slain by the undertakers, who continued to attack him after he fell. The remaining two party members made their death saving throws, and woke up several hours later with no equipment whatsoever in a dark room.  They have not returned to the Yawning Portal as they did not have any money to pay for return pass

Session #20

Present for today's session were: Aeoth the Paladin, Valian the Rogue, and Fradd the Rogue What an absolutely crazy session.  I've never played D&D like this before.  I'm used to starting off my sessions not knowing what the players are going to do.  When I prepped for this week session, I reworked my random encounters table for the sewers, and figuring out what is happening with the Stone of Golor. And so, as result of my NPCs downtime, this session started off with Joey Falcone--one of the Paladin's contacts--staggering into Barrelriders with an arrow sticking out of his shoulder.  Joey came with an offer for the PCs--he said his boss wanted to sell them the "Olamn Harp" a legendary musical instrument that was stolen from the College of Olamn earlier this year.  He also told them that his employer would sell the item (normally valued at upwards of 50K) to the party for 35K, if they would deal with pirates who were attacking ships on the trade route betwe

Session #19

This session began on Tarsakh 27, 1492 DR (April 28).  In attendance were Aeoth (Paladin), Gwydion (Bard), Valian Lightfingers (Rogue), and Fradd (Rogue). The party began the session by wanting to follow up on their lead from last session--and hopefully figure out a way to infiltrate Xanathar's Lair and recover/ steal(?) the Stone of Golor.  There was some discussion about the best way to go about doing this.  Several people wanted to speak with contacts in the Xanathar's guild, or contacts in the Black Network (Zhentarim).  After some discussion, the party decided against talking with these NPCs because they didn't want to inadvertently give away any hard-won information they had obtained about the Stone of Golor (which they knew was or had been--at least on Tarsakh 20th--in Xanathar's possession in his secret lair). So instead, the party decided their best lead would be to head back to the Xanathar's Lair outpost which they cleared out on Tarsakh 20th, and hopeful