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Session 15

 This session was divided into three parts. In the first segment, the party was composed of Valian (Rogue) Gywdion (bard) and Aoth (Paladin).  The party followed up on a lead they interrogated out of a cultist they captured in the City sewers a few weeks ago to enter the Temple of Asmodeus through the sewer entrance.  This temple is located under the house of a prominent noble family of Waterdeep.  Inside the party located a desecrated tomb of a paladin, who asked the party's paladin to take up his weapons and cleanse the evil temple.  The party did so with relish, killing two devils and several cultists who attempted to taunt the paladin for worshiping a mythical sky-daddy.  They very quickly were dispatched with a mace. In the second segment, the party was composed of Fradd (rogue), Aoth (paladin), Gywdion (bard), and a wizard and a druid.  The party followed up on a quest which Fradd recieved several weeks ago from the "Baron of Blood" a vampire who is apparently upset


My current campaign is set almost entirely in a single city. Specifically, the City of Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. This campaign has been going since December of last year. And in that time, the party has only left the city walls twice (and both times they didn't venture far enough to be out of sight of the city walls (they visited a farming village run mostly by hobbits and gnomes a few sessions ago, and in the 13th session, they visited a slum that has grown up between the "city walls proper" and an outer defensive wall on the northern end of the city. My starting points were a 5e module (which I owned), and a very interesting idea I experienced in Bdubs current online campaign--see BDubs and Dragons .  Now, I don't use the same ruleset (ACKS "adventurer conqueror king system) as BDubs--which I understand is fairly similar to AD&D 1e.  But I enjoy playing in different rules sets from time to time--because I feel like I learn a lot

Session Report #3

 Session #3 report (6th & 7th of Hammer, 1493 DR) The party consisted of Valian Lightfingers (human rogue), Fradd (human rogue), Gwydion the Bard (half-elf bard) and Forwyn Brightflame (high elf fighter). The party started off the session by heading down to the Docks Ward to further investigate the kidnapping of Floon Blaggmar. On their way to the Skewered Dragon, the rogues noticed that they were being tailed by a thuggish looking fellow. Valian slipped off so he could get into a good stabbing position behind their unknown pursuer. Meanwhile, the bard turned around and approached the tail head on--and successfully persuaded this thuggish looking fellow to sit down for a discussion at the bar, rather than try to resolve all his problems with violence. At the skewered dragon, the party learned that their erstwhile follower was Randall Greycastle--a low-ranking member of the Black Network. Randall told the party that he was the only one left of his crew--the rest had been taken o

Session Report # 14

I ran a fight with 60 monsters last session and it took less than 10 minutes. In 5e. People say that combat takes for ever in 5e, but that's not my experience. I can understand how it COULD take a long time, but I also think the DM has to keep things moving along. The monster in question was the Crawling Claw. the Crawling Claw is simply an undead hand that can scratch or claw at you. In 5e it is a lowly 0 CR monster (1 HP, +3 to hit, 1d4+2 damage, AC 13). Under the standard 5e rules, a Crawling Claw is worth 10 XP. With the house rules I'm using for the Waterdeep Campaign (1 GP = 1 XP; XP for killing monsters = 1/2 printed value), the Crawling Claw is worth a mere 5 XP. In this case, fortunately, the party's bard still had sleep, so he was able to take out most of the monsters in two rounds. Otherwise, it would have almost certainly been a TPK--because the players were only able to kill one monster each round, and they were all getting hit It only took two rounds of